Sun & Yeop

As our 600 days anniversary, we went to Vigan. We departed from  the bus terminal at 3:30 am , and going to Vigan. While we were on the bus we only slept. After the bus ran for 4 hours and 30 minutes, we finally arrived there. As soon as we got off the bus, we felt too hot like melting. Although it was so hot, we went to Luna Hotel on foot. Before we went for sightseeing, we dolled ourselves up.

The place where we visited at first was Saint Paul Metropolitan Cathedral. We thought it was grand and holy even though we aren’t Catholic. After that, we went to Bantay Church Bell Tower. This is also a church, so we weren’t interested in it. And next, we went to RG Jar Factory. Experiencing to make jar was free, and thought we spent less time. We swam in the pool and after ate some chickens at Mang Inasal. After that, we walked at heritage street, and enjoyed our time. A night view of the street is so fantastic than day time, so we took a lot of pictures. It really looks like Spain, and we walked toward a fountain. We were disappointed about that, because we heard the showing off fountain is same with Korea’s.

We were hungry from walking and went to eat Empanada that many teachers recommended us. Actually it was just normal. We thought to try hotdogs however we couldn’t eat them since they looked disgusting. And many teachers recommended to ride on a horse but we couldn’t ride on it because horse were pitiful.

Although we didn’t experience everything, it is fantastic trip which is unforgettable trip in our lives.