My English knowledge was very limited and I wanted to learn more and decided to enroll somewhere I can develop it. Scrolling through the internet I came across JIC’s facebook page and said to myself I would definitely take my chance to learn in this school. So the day came where I traveled and enrolled. The management of JIC welcomed us and oriented us. They made all the process in entering such institution easy. They were really accommodating. From the basic things that we needed down to some of our complaints they made sure to solve them right away. For instance, I needed an extra pillow to sleep more comfortable and a lamp which they have provided in an instant.

The management aims to make our story here comfortable. During the second day, which is the time where we go to class and meet our teachers for the first time. Firstly, I was really impressed with the teacher especially their accent. From there, you would know that they are well-trained and very knowledgeable. All the teachers in JIC are very professional. Their goal is to teach their students no matter how hard it is. They are all patient in teaching us. Some teachers can be so strict and would definitely mold you to do better. Also teachers are very friendly that it somehow eases homesickness.

Facilities in JIC were great. Cafeteria provides nutritious food which gives us energy to study throughout the day. They serve many choices such as Korean, Japanese and Filipino food, oh! and Chinese too. Studying English is a bit exhausting, good thing is that JIC provides a gym where you can exercise and release all the stress for students like me who enjoys working out. Talk about their complete equipment, I give it five star. JIC also taught me self-discipline. They’re kept us safe throughout our stay. They also administer tests weekly were we could practice and measure our development. I specifically like it when they would conduct a vocabulary test which helped me a lot. I also made new friends we have different cultures but in JIC we were united.

Cooking was never an interest of mine but my roommate taught me how to cook different kinds of dishes which I truly enjoyed. Housekeeping made our lives easier. They are the ones who clean our rooms, ash our laundry so that we would have clean clothes to wear every day. If we would be the one to wash it would take so much time instead of just concentrating in our studies.

Everyone in JIC was welcoming, the weather is great. Even though there are limited places for leisure time it forces us to just focus in studying rather than wasting our time doing unnecessary things. Study time is exhausting but whenever we go outside the balcony, the view relaxes us especially the ambiance it helps us to breathe deeply and to stay motivated even learning gets tough. If I had the chance, surely I would go back.