Hello everyone, I’m Thao Linh. My English name is Layla. I’ve been studying in A&J E-edu Dc Academy for 11 weeks now. When I arrived here I had to take the placement test given to students to determine our levels. Sad to say, I failed so I had to study an ESL course for 8 weeks to establish the basic knowledge I needed to know at the same time to create a strong foundation of the language. My original course is ACADEMIC IELTS, for 20 weeks. My first assessment test results were not good. So I had to wait for another 4 weeks to take it again. Some teachers said I was getting better than before and maybe I could study IELTS the following month. The school administrators, also helped me improved, they arranged my schedule and supported me. My second assessment test was much better than the first one. I passed so now, I have been taking IELTS classes.

I remember the first day when I came here. I was surprised. Everything was strange, and everyone is new. I have 7 hours man to man class in a day. This is really a good chance for me to improve my English skill. I only use English in my classes with my Filipino teachers who correct my sentences and pronunciation. I don’t k know why I am not shy when I study with them. Even though, my English is not good. My teachers help me break the ice to feel confident when I communicate. Furthermore,, the activities given to students here are very useful, for example the dictation and vocabulary tests on weekdays. The dictation test starts at 8 a.m. in this activity. We, students write what we hear this doesn’t only help us improve our listening skill but our vocabulary and spelling too. This is a good exercise for students mind to become awake first thing in the morning. While, the vocabulary test starts at 8 p.m. which make students learn new words and understand the meaning of these words.

Now, I am more confident to have conversations about any topics with other students, teachers and the local people here. About my accommodation, I am so happy since I stay in a triple room. It has big widows which allow fresh air to flow. It also has grilles to prevent insects from coming inside, but I don’t like it because it is really hard to open the windows. Anyway, without it, insects will come in my room. My room is fully equipped it has a refrigerator, hairdryer and water heater in the rest room even an extension. Basically, I am contented in my room.

My room is cleaned 3 times a week by the housekeepers. That’s why it is always clean and comfortable. And the best thing is that the helpers are really honest and thoughtful. I sometimes put money on   my table but it never went missing.so, I completely trust them. They always orderly arrange everything. Rainy season has already started and perhaps there will be a lot of mosquitos everywhere but I am not nervous about it because there are insects repellent and UV lamp in my room.

Various foods are served in this academy. There are Korean, Japanese and Filipino cuisines and these are strictly inspected, so they are clean and healthy. Managers take photos of every meal to report to the office because this academy cares about the students’ diet, and I think it is the best. I really like it when the kitchen staffs cooks seafood, soup, porridge, fried squid, mussels, blood cockles, and fried fish. So, I feel quite satisfied with the food here. The menu has variety of dishes for each meal time. They also serve soups and desserts. The chef also cooks Vietnamese cuisine like vegetables, soups, and meat stock, but the taste is not as good as in Vietnam. I hope, They serve more Vietnamese dishes because I will be staying here for 5 months and I really want to taste the food in my homeland.

That’s it, months passed quickly, and I have 2 more months left in A&J E-edu Dc Academy. There are a lot of stories to tell while I am in here so I hope you guys are interested for more.