My name is Will from Vietnam. I am currently taking up an IELTS preparation course here at A&J e-EduDC Academy.

Can you give us more details why you chose this program?
I want to pursue my studies abroad specifically in a native English Speaking country and attaining the IELTS band score which they require for school admission is a top priority for me to reach.

How about your experiences while studying here at A&J e-EduDC Academy?
I originally thought studying here in Baguio will be difficult because it’s my first time to stay in a foreign country. I was lucky to meet people who are very friendly and adventurous which made my stay fun and exciting.

My classmates come from different countries and initially I did not have the confidence to interact with them due to difficulties expressing myself in English. This barrier was quickly dissolved since my classes not only improved my vocabulary it also showed me that people can understand me when I speak. I have come to a realization that improving my English language skills will not be possible if I do not use it to interact with other people.

Aside from studying what other activities do you engage in?
I always go out every weekend to visit different places in and outside the city with my friends. One of the most unforgettable places that we went to is Mt. Ulap. It was a very challenging hike but the laughter and the company made it bearable and fun. We also try to taste different kinds of local food; you can usually find me and my classmates at a local restaurant or cafe when we are not travelling.

What is your overall impression about A&J e-EduDC Academy and Baguio City?
The Academy and the environment is becoming more familiar and I can feel a semblance of home which makes me want to put more effort to reach my goals. My teachers are approachable and helpful; they provide me with a good springboard to achieve all my future aspirations.