Burnham Park

Burnham Park

Burnham park is designed by Daniel Hudson Burnham, the American architect and urban planner behind the original plans for the city. The place is surrounded by greenery and well lit by street lights and tree-shaded benches. The park offers an opportunity for relaxation in a tranquil scenery.

The park has 12 main areas, the Burnham Lake, a man-made waterhole with rowboats for hire, a playground, a skating rink, a rose garden and a picnic area.

The street on the Burnham Park.

If you appreciate flora and fauna then you’d be thrilled to know that Burnham is lined with different kinds of plants and flowers. Wake up and smell the roses literally, at rose garden where an assortment of roses are planted around the park with dancing water fountains lighting up the entryway of the public garden.

If you’re looking for different activities that can be enjoyed in the city with family and friends, then this park is just what you’re looking for. There’s an array of activities for you to choose from; If you’re an early riser, you can join group fitness activities such as Zumba & Aerobics or keep to yourself and jog around Burnham Lake in their jogging trail at 5 A.M. Go on wheels and try biking, roller skating and roller blading around the park. An area for skateboarding is also provided where you can watch locals ollie on their boards. Sail around the lake and select an array of colorful boats to rent for a minimum of 100 pesos.

Food stalls and souvenir stands are allocated close to the garden where you can buy knick-knacks to take home. If you brought your own food, you can eat with friends and loved ones in picnic groves with provided picnic tables and chairs. If you don’t want the hassle of bringing in food you can always dine in the restaurants nearby; The Ganza Restaurant or Solibao Restaurant.