5 Things to Try If You’re in Baguio City

Make the most out of your stay in the city by trying out new and interesting activities.

1. Horse Riding

At Wright Park there’s an assortment of activities for you to do, but the most featured activity would be horseback riding with their ponies and horses. Here you can choose from 200 different horses and ponies of different color and size and have riding lessons around their riding fence or have a ride through the scenic route in their horse trails around Baguio.

There are guides or “pony boys” who will attend to your tutorial or will accompany you on your trip so safety is assured throughout the process.

2. Strawberry Taho, Ube Champorado, Good Taste

If you’re looking for a restaurant to eat at with good food and big portions at a cheap price then dine at Good Taste! This restaurant serves a variety of food and drinks at a reasonable price on a big plate so you know you’re getting what you paid for and maybe even more. The usual guests of the restaurants are with groups of people who are celebrating or having a family reunion because they serve in big platters for groups to share. They have 2 branches, one at Legarda close to Burnham Park and one at Rajah Natanda Street behind Center Mall both good choices to dine in but Good Taste Legarda is preferred if you’re are eating with a large group.

For dessert, you can try the Philippines ‘ Taho & Champorado with a twist.

Taho is a Philippine sweet delight made of fresh soft tofu, caramelized sugar, and clear pearls, but at La Trinidad’s Strawberry farm you can have your taho in strawberry flavor; the dessert is made with the usual ingredients but has added Strawberry chunks and juice to the caramelized sugar giving the brown dessert a bright red color.

Champorado is best eaten on a cold day while the rain is pouring, this dessert is a sweet chocolate porridge topped with milk but in Baguio’s Le Monet Hotel, their champorado is not brown with milk on top, but is a bright pink color with a strawberry on top. A must try if you prefer strawberries over chocolate.

3. Cheap Buys and Street Food in Night Market

In the morning Baguio’s Harrison road is nothing but well, a road for commuters and drivers of the city. But at night, Harrison road is not packed with cars but of different stalls and people looking for a good deal.

Here you can find clothes ranging for 150- 10 pesos, shoes for 100-250 pesos and souvenirs for 100- 10 pesos depending on your haggling skills. There different things to find in Night Market of reasonable prices, you can even buy a phone in one stall and its charger in another. And if you grow famished after shopping you can check out the food stalls at the end of the road selling street food, soups, rice meal and desserts of your choosing.

4. Panagbenga Festival

Every Month of February Baguio is teeming with tourists who want to see the Panagbenga festival, an event that celebrates the harvest of flowers in the city. This is a month-long activity that consists of various activities for families, friends and solo travelers.

The festival starts off with a grand parade that showcases music and dance performances on the first day and a float parade showcasing colorful floats decorated with flowers on the 2nd day.

Afterward, session road is closed to make way for “Session Road in Bloom” a week-long event showcasing stalls selling various products.

The event ends with a blast as a fireworks show is displayed in the city’s night sky and performances are played till midnight.

5. Drink Baguio’s Craft Beer

After a long day, the ideal place to chill is somewhere with a good view and a cold brew. Baguio Craft Brewery offers just that with its location found at the top of Marcos Highway, the cold breeze & amazing ambiance is sure to lure you in. They offer a variety of beers with different flavors and strength for your choosing as well as delicious food to pair it with. These beers are made without additives and preservatives that bring out the flavor of each highlighted base of each beer. And the location boasts a panoramic view of the city in lights and shades of different colors, perfect for viewing or taking a picture on.