La Union is one of the many provinces you can visit that is close to Baguio. Unwind and enjoy the beaches or go on thrill-seeking adventures, either way, you’re sure to have a memorable time.

Here are 5 things to try on your trip to La Union;


One of the many favored places that people would visit when they want to relax and have fun on their vacation is the beach. In San Juan, you can swim around and get a tan while enjoying the waters or eat grilled seafood by the shores while meeting new people. But one of the most famous activities done here is the surface water sport called surfing which is why it has been dubbed as the Surfing Capital of the Northern Philippines

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The peak seasons for surfing in San Juan are around October to March where the waves are ideal for riding on a hot summer’s day. But the best time to go surfing is on October 25-27 where La Union holds its annual Surf Break event. The occasion features live music, water sports, and unlimited seafood, alcohol by the shore and surfing sessions with one of the best surfers in the province.

Day Activities In Surf Break

Night Activities in Surf Break:

2.Go on a Thrilling Adventure

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A few miles from San Juan is a place called San Gabriel where you can see water falling into clear pools. This place is called the Tangadan Falls, The attraction offers a variety of activities; swimming, diving and a chance to get on a bamboo raft.


Appreciate nature’s wonders while getting a waterfall massage and if you want to try something extreme, you can go up to the two adjacent waterfalls.


& cliff dive to the waters below!!!

3.Extreme Activities & Water Adventures in Pugo

Right before the beaches of La Union is a place called Pugo where Pugad was built. Housing pools of different sizes, Water Slides of different heights, a mini zoo and facilities that hold exciting activities such as Zip Lining, Wall Climbing, Riding an ATV, Dangling on a Giant Swing, and Rappelling or Running down Great Heights.

4.Indulge in a Food Trip

Fr. JB and Renée Macatulad of Will Fly for Food

The food scene in La Union is so diverse that you can have a taste of Mexican, Filipino, Mediterranean, Spanish, Greek, Balinese, American and a hint of French cuisine all in one place. Along the road of San Juan are food establishments lined up for different people of different tastes.

For Mexican food, there’s Olas Banditos,

For Greek Food, there’s Gefseis Greek Grill at the beachside,

Fr. JB and Renée Macatulad of Will Fly for Food

Chomp down on classic American burgers at Mad Monkeys

Fr. JB and Renée Macatulad of Will Fly for Food

Try a platter of grilled Balinese food in Big Kahuna Restaurant and Clubhouse.


One of the Must-Try Places in La Union after a satisfying meal is Halo Halo de Iloko at San Fernando. They’re most famous for their twist on the Filipino dessert called Halo-Halo.

This is a Filipino dessert that consists of crushed ice, ube ice cream, and a mixture of various sweet ingredients such as sweetened beans and coconut strips. These are all served in a buko shell with a straw and a cute cocktail umbrella on top. The restaurant created their own version of the dessert by deep-frying this delight for curious customers to enjoy. They also offer the traditional halo-halo for you to try both!

5.See the Night Life

San Juan does not sleep after the picturesque sunset has turned to night, but lights up in different colors for individuals seeking a couple of cold beers and a good time at the most lively bars along the road.

One of the most popular places to chill is Flotsam Jetsam Hostel, which is an artistically designed place that hosts legendary parties every Saturday nights. The hostel showcases a bohemian ambiance and a hipster interior with good food and cold drinks.

Fr. JB and Renée Macatulad of Will Fly for Food

There are several other bars and pubs to try as well; Le Point Bar located at the beachside that serves French dishes, Ol’ Pub La Union a rustic pub that is known for their Macau style Satay Balls, Tipple & Brew a resto-bar that serves craft beer & if you’re a sophisticated drinker, go to Artek Wine Yacht, a bar that sells high end wine, cheese platters and tapas.

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