Lim Taewook’s Excellent TOEIC Training Experience

Achieving success is guaranteed and at hand when your environment inspires you to study. How do we do that at Pines? Every learner has different goals, and to address this need, we have two campuses that provide development on targeted skills like speaking and strategic test taking.

For students like Lim Taewook, speaking and a guaranteed TOEIC score are both important. He studied at the Main Speaking Campus to polish his basic English skills and at the Chapis Test Center Campus to align his TOEIC test strategies.

My name is Lim Tae Wook, and I’m from South Korea. I am 25 years old. I came here to study English for communication improvement and exam preparation.

To graduate from my university, I am required to take the TOEIC test and get a score of at least 800. I think that TOEIC listening will help me improve my English listening skill. Reading comprehension will help me enter and qualify for a company.

I chose Pines Academy ESL Campus to develop my English communication, but my friends went to the Test Chapis Center. They looked satisfied, so I registered for the TOEIC Course and continued studying on this campus.

I came here 3 months ago. I took the ESL course for 2 months, and 1 month for TOEIC. I had great experiences on both campuses.

I could improve my TOEIC and English skills by attending a 6-hour class, and accomplishing a 3-hour homework task, so I studied daily for 9 hours. I think my study time is enough. I had fun and excitement in all my classes, but I liked the listening class the most because I could practice listening to native speakers from Canada, the UK, or Australia. It was an exciting experience.